Keter Apex Plastic Garden Shed 4 x 6ft

Keter Apex Plastic Garden Shed 4 x 6ft
Manufactured in durable resin with steel reinforcement, the Keter Apex 6×4 Shed is built to last. Complete with secondary door to provide wider opening and accessibility, the 4×6 features a window for daylight access and ventilation. It also includes supports to allow a shelving option and heavy duty floor. Low maintenance, weather resistant and virtually fade-free. External Dimensions: W: 129.5cm D:189cm H:216.5cm. Made out of durable, weather resistant resin. Attractive wood – like texture. This shed comes complete with a floor. We strongly recommend the shed to be assembled on a flat, level base such as concrete or slabs. This concrete or patio base is not included, just the floor. Heavy duty floor panel included. Window. High ceiling. Support for shelving included. Lockable. Low maintenance. Weather resistant. Easy to assemble using household tools. Hinged, lockable doors . 1 window.

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